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Explore Stoke Newington N7

Here's a peaceful, quiet place to visit and, even better, to live. It's located about 5 miles away from Charing Cross and got its name from the Manor of Stoke Newington. Like many other districts in the UK, this one also has some heavy historical significance. The official motto states, "look to the past and look to the future," broadly describing the borough's status quo. When you step into Stoke Newington N7, you will feel both in the past and in the modern-day world. This is because it used to be a tiny village which then expanded as time went on. A large part of it was damaged during the World Wars and was rebuilt later. However, a lot of historic buildings survived and can still be visited on tours. Here are a couple of things you can do when you visit this historic borough:

Have the best pizza ever

There’s a pizzeria in Stoke Newington that has made waves in the news. The reason? They claim to have ‘the best pizza in the world.’ You read that right: the entire world! The pizzeria is named L’Antica Pizzeria de Michele, and you won't be disappointed. They don't offer variety in flavor, so keep that in mind. You will only be able to order either the Margarita or Marinara but rest assured, you won't forget the experience or your first bite.

Find your groove

Have you lost your groove? Are you looking for new (or old) music to dance to? Well, look no further because The Lucky Seven has it all! This quaint little music store keeps second-hand vinyl and books that you will love. Almost every genre is available, and it's an excellent place for both music and literature fans. Keep in mind that Stoke Newington was the former residence of literary giants like Edgar Allan Poe and Daniel Defoe, so you know the legacy will be strong! Get ready to be creatively inspired and moved as you sift through the paraphernalia at The Lucky Seven. You'll leave the store with full arms, a lighter wallet, and a lot of satisfaction.